We provide a specialist mobile bike fit service to all cyclists & triathletes
as well as sports massage therapy in West Lothian & West Edinburgh.

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At Claymore Bicycle Fitting we are passionate and dedicated to the science and art of bicycle fitting. We are based in Broxburn, West Lothian and offer a friendly professional bike fit service throughout Scotland.

A bicycle which properly fits you will increase your enjoyment of cycling and can significantly enhance your performance. These benefits are achieved during a bike fit by:

  • Improving your comfort: It's a myth that you have to suffer on a bicycle. If you are in discomfort then something maybe wrong with your position. We can ensure you are sitting comfortably.
  • Improving your efficiency: Waste less effort to go a given distance. We can ensure you are working optimally.
  • Improving your safety: By improving handling and preventing injury.

To improve your comfort, efficiency, safety and performance on the bicycle we need to make you more functional and symmetrical on the bicycle.

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To achieve your optimal cycling position we analyse you through direct observation. This enables multi-planar functional assessments ensuring the appropriate interventions are made to improve your on bike function and symmetry.

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Our specialist bike fit involves a comprehensive analysis of your physiology, functional abilities and current riding position to achieve a cycling position that is specific to you and your goals.

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At Claymore Bicycle Fitting you can be confident of a professional first class service as all bike fits are undertaken by one of Scotland's highest qualified bike fitters. Our cycle fit Analyst has over three years of cycle fit experience and is:

Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI) Personalised, Advanced, and Advanced Tri certified, Retül trained and a qualified sports massage therapist and Biomechanics Trainer.

As a mobile service we come to your home or any other suitable premises. We will also travel to any part of Scotland.

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Are you are one of the following..

Recreational rider, commuter, enthusiast, competitor?

Roadie, time trialists, track cyclist mountain biker or cyclo-cross rider?

Triathlete, dual-athlete who either competes or participates?

..then you can benefit from our Claymore Bicycle Fit.

Biomechanics Training

At Claymore Bicycle Fitting we offer Biomechanics Training which looks at the intrinsic function of core muscles and joints to screen if they are working optimally.

These screens identify if certain muscles or joints may be inhibited. The consequence of their inhibition can lead to musculoskeletal compensations resulting in an increased risk of injury and reduced performance in any activity you undertake.

With our Biomechanics Training we can assist you in moving more freely.


Sports Massage Therapy

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At Claymore Bicycle Fitting we offer an affordable mobile sports massage service in West Lothian and West Edinburgh, enabling you to have a professional massage in the comfort of your own home.

Sports massage is beneficially for improving mobility, preventing and aiding recovery from injury, pre-exercise preparation and for post-exercise recovery.

All massages are done by a fully qualified & insured sports massage therapists.

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Based from
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